House hunting, it’s practically a part-time job. Here’s the secret so you can save time in the process:

House hunting feels like a part-time job when you’re attending showings, meeting with lenders, exchanging emails with me, your real estate agent, and constantly checking the internet for new listings.

According to a recent survey from real estate platform Opendoor, first-time homebuyers are devoting a significant amount of time to the hunt for a new house, with many taking time off work to do so.

During the homebuying process, first-time buyers miss an average of 14 hours of work, which is nearly two full eight-hour workdays. According to Opendoor’s research, that time corresponds to nearly $845 million in salaries across the United States.

What’s a first-time buyer to do in today’s ultra-competitive market when staying at work, instead of hurrying over to a viewing might result in missing out on the right home?

There are certain actions I can take to assist you save valuable minutes — if not hours — throughout your search, here we go:

1.- Please send me, your Real Estate Professional! I am willing to see a property in person and then report back. I can even record a video tour and email it to you through YouTube!

2.- Do not attend the Open House. Consider private viewings over open houses; by scheduling a showing, we will be able to avoid the queues and maximize our time.

3.- Keep your online searches to a minimum. Finding a home is all you can think about right now, so refreshing Zillow or Redfin every five minutes might be quite tempting. This, however, can be detrimental. Set aside one or two hours and confine your internet searching to that timeframe. Set these limits so the search doesn’t drive you crazy or make you feel obligated to make concessions.

4.- Recognize the importance of timing. New listings appear at random, which is one of the reasons why the house hunt is so disruptive – some agents may hastily contact you about a new property in the middle of an already hectic day at work. However, real estate listings tend to follow a fairly consistent pattern. You can be more effective if you mentally prepare yourself for the day when the majority of listings hit the market — and perhaps set aside an hour or two in your calendar (and feel less frazzled).

You may choose what time of day you’d want me to email you new listings, and I’ll stick to it!

5.- Have faith in your instincts. First impressions are crucial. If you can tell right away that a home isn’t right for you, don’t waste any more time on it. We can leave if we get to the house and instantly realize it isn’t what you want. If we have an appointment, I just inform the homeowner that you have decided the property is not of interest to you. Furthermore, if we walk into a property and you decide not to make an offer at any time during the tour, we don’t have to finish the tour or hurry through it fast.

6.- Take a Tour of the Neighborhood. Even though you won’t be allowed to enter the house at any time of day, you may get a sense of the neighborhood while out doing errands or on your lunch break. After work, take a drive-by to see whether you like the location and atmosphere.

7.- Make use of digital resources. Utilize all of the digital tools and technology available to you. Using Google Maps’ satellite imagery and street view, “walk” across the area. Take a look at the videos that have been featured in the listing. The 3D tour of the house, when available, may be viewed by clicking on it. The 3D tour will assist you in comprehending the property’s layout, room scale, and other vital facts.

Let me do the work, you enjoy the process! Let’s talk, call or text at your earliest convenience (210) 418-0067.