According to new statistics, Spring is the greatest time of year to put your property on the market. 

 Zillow data shows that Thursdays in late April may be the best day of the week to put your house on the market for the highest price. Homes listed in late April could expect to sell for 2.8 percent higher ($9,300) than the average American home, according to a Zillow analysis issued Thursday. Prior to weekend showings, homes that are listed on Thursday should expect to sell for $1,100 more than those that are put on the market on other days.

With inventory as low as it is, home sellers can expect a quick sale year-round. Buyers are snatching up homes days after they are listed and often bidding 10-20K above list price, there is still value to be had by listing a home during the right time of year, which is in the spring in most cases.

According to Zillow, sellers should avoid the first two weeks of November since they get a 3.5 percent discount on the average house when they put their property on the market. But in 2021, there was just a three-day discrepancy between when properties were selling quickest (late January through April) and when they were slowest (August). In 2019, it lasted for a total of twelve days. Zillow discovered that these criteria differ from market to market. Winter weather in San Antonio is short. Thus, residences offered in December experience a significant price gain, according to the research.

This is a friendly market for sellers, but those who are simultaneously buying and selling need a firm grasp on the right tools and strategies to win their next home. This means you need our Knowledge & Experience, call us today and let us work the best strategy for your specific Real Estate needs.